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Building a rain garden takes work, says Marilou Asselin., but it’s not rockey science, she points out. "It was much easier than I imagined at the beginning", says the yound women who lives with her partner in their house at the end of Southern Street. "It took me bout three hours to research and read about water gardens. Then I visited the jardinsintelligents.org web site. It’s a good toll that helped me prepare well."

Mrs. Asselin built her rain garden in 2020. "I had fun drawing the plans, unleashing my creativity, imagining the garden and landscaping it", she explains. "I can’t wait to see the plants in bloom next year."

Mrs. Asselin’s water garden has an area of 11 square meters. The work and the purchase of the plants cost her $ 1,300. She has received a $650 grand from the City of Waterloo as part of the Smart Garden Development Program. Under this program, the citizens of Waterloo can obtain 50 % reimbursement of the costs of developing a rain garden on their property, up to a maximum of $ 750.