A Rain Garden is a green technology at your fingertips!

Presence of rain gardens = a healthier lake!

Adding a bioretention area (rain garden) to your yard can decrease the rate of urban rain runoff by providing a buffer zone for water retention. Equally, it can play a role in phosphorus retention pending your chosen types of plants

Optimizing the environmental impact of rain gardens requires the implementation of several rain gardens throughout the watershed of the entire urban area.

Commitment (or engagement) is a crucial element of this project

« Think Globally Act Locally »

An exciting Green initiative !

Are you looking for a project to make your backyard greener? Create a rain garden.  You will not only enjoy the magnificent site of your herbaceous plants, flowers and trees, but you will also benefit from an effective water management system that slows down and purifies the stormwater your property receives.

The Friends of the Lake Waterloo Watershed (ABVLW), in partnership with the City of Waterloo and the MRC of  Haute-Yamaska, have set up a program to support you at every stage of your  project realization process both technically and financially.

The ABVLW wishes to express its heartfelt gratitude to the Department of Biological Systems Engineering at the University Nebraska Lincoln, and to Professor Thomas Franti, a specialist in stormwater management, for allowing us to use their own rain garden videos. We also wish to thank our colleagues  at the Matapedia-Restigouche Watershed Organization for translating these videos in French and  authorizing us to use their own material on Rain gardens. We appreciate the amazing job they did and applaud their keen desire to share their knowledge with the whole population.

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