We are here to help you!

Friends of  lake Waterloo Watershed (ABVLW), can count on the collaboration of the Yamaska ​​watershed organization (OBV Yamaska) for the set up and implementation of their rain garden.

Our environmental technician at OBV Yamaska, Sébastien Fortin-Demers, is there to support you throughout your project.

Please give him a shout at :

Phone: 579 488-7518

email: sebastien.fortin-demers@obv-yamaska.qc.ca

A local expert

Sébastien Fortin Demers is a field technician specialized in environmental protection accredited by Saint-Félicien Cégep. His strong connection to lake Waterloo is rooted in his childhood as he grew up in the lake’s neighborhood. Sebastien understands lake waterloo’s issues and has a keen interest to help alleviate them.

Rain gardens intrigue him;  he declares: “If I am interested in such a project, it is because I know the problems that Lake Waterloo has been facing for many years. Who has never seen the bubbles from the oxygen system installed at the foot of the Lewis Street Bridge? However, I am equally convinced that each citizen has a part to play in achieving a better lake water quality that benefits everyone.”

Sébastien will be happy to answer any questions you may have about rain gardens and is ready to help you whip your project into reality.